Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Royal Watch: Kate Middleton's Sheer Insanity


Kate and Wills atended a wedding of friends this weekend and she wore a black velvet Libelula coat and black dress with sheer neckline. Apparently, this is akin to showing up naked.

Look, we're new to this whole royal-watching business and maybe that'll work in our favor because we don't particularly care about old traditions that have no place in modern life. The anglo-philes will likely rail at us, but on this point we doubt our minds will be changed. Apparently, some people were a bit up in arms because royals are only supposed to wear black at funerals. Pfft. She's not a royal yet, so there. Also, there was some uproar over her terribly revealing attire. Pfft again. We look at these pictures and we see a very pretty young woman dressed very well, not to mention appropriately. Rules about where and when to wear black have absolutely zero significance anymore. Anyone who gets upset over a woman wearing black to a wedding is referencing social rules that go back over a century. You might as well get upset that she's showing ankle or not wearing a bustle.

Frankly, we're more distressed over her matchy-match accessorizing, but we'll concede that she should probably tip her hat (which we love, by the way) to some conservative clothing traditions. If she needs to match her purse exactly to her shoes, so be it, as long as the rest of the outfit looks as good as this. We're liking this cheeky little princess-to-be and we hope she continues to tweak the noses of silly old traditions. She looks fabulous, full stop.

[Photo Credit: Fame Pictures, libelula-studio.com]

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